Thank a Special Caregiver

Through the Shining Star Recognition Program

Our Shining Star program offers families the opportunity to say “thank you” for the support they have received from a VNAcare caregiver by nominating them for special mention as a “VNAcare Shining Star” and making a charitable gift. A few examples include:

Honor an exceptional VNAcare Caregiver and by sharing a story that acknowledges someone who made a difference to you.
Express your appreciation for a particular physician, nurse, social worker, chaplain, home health aide.

Your VNAcare Shining Star will be notified of your donation and will receive a custom-crafted Shining Star lapel pin to wear as a symbol of pride in service, and will be recognized by her or his supervisor.

As a nonprofit organization, VNAcare supports the community with the Marsha Fox Charitable Care Fund. A tax-deductible gift through VNAcares’ Shining Star program enables us to assist patients with limited financial resources.

Who is Your Shining Star?

Patients and their families often ask how they can express their appreciation to a special hospice caregiver, a “Shining Star” physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, home health aide or volunteer. Many send a personal note of thanks, but sometimes they want to do more. Your tax-deductible gift through our Shining Star program will both provide a meaningful way to honor a hospice caregiver and allows us to continue to give back to the community through our Charitable Care Fund. With your donation, your Shining Star will receive a letter acknowledging your gift and a custom- crafted lapel pin to wear proudly.

Our Shining Stars Are:

Take pleasure in helping others

Exhibit a desire to help ease suffering or distress

Show a selfless desire for the well-being of others

Go the extra mile providing care and support

Demonstrate an expertise in his or her work

“Although the days are busy and the workload is always growing, there are still those special moments when someone says or does something and you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I became a nurse.”

— Diane McKenty

Honor a Shining Star

If you would like to honor your own special caregiver or have questions about the program,
please call at 909-447-7333 or email at

The story of how you or a loved one were impacted by the care received during the hospice journey can be of great encouragement to our staff. It can also inspire others to support the good work being done for the benefit of our entire community. Please share your experience with us below and we will pass along your kind words to your hospice caregiver.

Our Shining Stars

Helping fill the gap for patients in need

My daughter was on hospice since birth. She had a chromosomal disorder that affected her heart and doctors had given her few hours to live after birth. We were sent home with Hospice and I am at peace that it was VNAcare who came with us…

Every time I called VNA, they would treat me with care and dignity. They would come to our home at any time during day or night. I cannot count the many times we called; they would come and check on my daughter, treated her with love and compassion and they would call doctors to consult whenever necessary. Our love and the advice of the VNAcare doctors, nurses, social workers and all people who work there help to give my family the opportunity to enjoy few months with our precious daughter. What I can tell you, as a mother, is that VNAcare did more than I was expecting from a hospice facility.

Karen G.
Wow, Angels sent from God! We just signed up with this service that is more than accommodating and very understanding of my 91 yr old grandmother. It is completely covered through her medical insurance and that alone is amazing in this day and age. But the people and nurses and doctor are the most wonderful people thus far. I am some grateful and I know we are blessed!
Crystal S.
Michelle, Kim, Emma, Tom, Diana, and Hilary: thank you so much for making Steve’s life comfortable until our Lord called him home, you made it all happen. And the blanket really made him happy.

Thank you all so much for all you did to comfort Steve, it means so much to us.

Thank you to all…

To all the dear people at VNAcare Hospice, it was five years ago November when my precious husband Kenneth passed away. I will never forget the wonderful men and women who graced our home with their care and compassion for Kenny and for me, I called them angels. May you and all your “angels” continue your compassionate care and love for the afflicted and their families. With much love and appreciation, I thank you!
JoEllen J.
Dear staff members,

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to all of you for your time and loving care when taking care of my mother, Connie R, during the past months. Everyone with whom both she and I dealt with was very compassionate, professional and understanding. Your patience with both of us was so much appreciated.

I have now had hospice in my parents’ home twice, and both times you all showed a true love of your professions.

Thank you, again.

Claudia B.
We have no words to describe our profound gratitude for your kindness, professionalism, and support during this chapter of Jennifer’s journey. Our lives will never be the same, but the part you played made it somewhat easier. Thank you again… And again… And again!
Linda P.
Thank you for supporting my mother and her family during hospice care, her passing, and funeral. It was quite helpful to have your support, especially for those of us around the country unable to be present with her. Wishing your staff peace and God’s blessings.
Jou Y.
Chaplain Scott, our family would like to thank you so very, very much for the loving kindness and compassion that you have shown to our mom and our family! We are also grateful and honored that you are such a big part of mom’s relationship with the Lord! From our entire family, thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.
Nancy B.
I am very, very grateful for the advice you gave me, the home health aide, the respite care and compassionate care you and your staff gave to my husband, John, during his time with VNAcare. Thank you to everyone.
June C.
Please accept this donation in memory of my father, Dick H. He passed away peacefully at home in February 2010 with the help of VNAcare. Nurses, Christina and Grace were so loving to my faithful father and so helpful to my two sisters, myself and our mother. The work you do is amazing. If other families feel half of the love we felt from you they would be blessed. Hopefully, this donation helps you continue your good work.
Jennifer F.
Thank you for all the great care and concern for Russell. Names are difficult for me to remember-but special people were Dave (RN) and Maria who enjoyed “singing” with him. Also, Junior took special care of Russ after he was bedridden-thankfully, for only a few days. You were all a help and a blessing to us both.
Helen W.
Added to our wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year is our sincere thanks for the excellent care you provided for our beloved daughter, Sally. Each person: chaplain, nurses, bathers, social worker, grief counselor, equipment and supply personnel gave us the support and care we needed during a sad and difficult time. Again, thank you and may you be blessed as you have blessed us!
Karen L.
A big thank you to the nurse that you sent out to see me today. The nurse was very informative, she took her time and explained everything she was doing and the reason, including the wound care. She made me feel comfortable and she was very caring. A very appreciative and big thank you to Eysha for her professional and caring patient care.
I wanted to reach out to you and your staff for the amazing care my mom received this last weekend. Mom passed on Sunday, April 1. We called VNAcare the Friday before and had a wonderful, informative meeting with RN Carolyn. We left feeling that she was in good hands. When I met with RN Janene on Sunday, April 1, I was so touched that she stayed, she answered all of my inane questions about mom and her care. She informed us of what was to come, the various stages of death, etc. I appreciated her kindness in the explanation. Sweet LVN Daniel came to pronounce that my mom had passed, he explained the process and any other questions we had were answered (what a job!)

To say they have a tough job would be highlighting what these nurses already know… But I for one appreciate and commend them for choosing this area of nursing… Because they are perfect please extend my sincere thank you to all three of them!

Catherine F.
I want to think VNAcare for their wonderful patient care and to especially recognize Sheila Lim, RN for her visit today with a patient referred to VNA. Sheila did a wonderful job with her assessment, medications were explained thoroughly and overall teaching was excellent. Kaiser Permanente receives patient feedback and the patient is very pleased and thankful and wants Sheila to return.

Thank you, Sheila, for the awesome patient care!

Virginia, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Supervisor
Thank you for your wonderful service and all the loving care you offer to those in hospice.
Bob and Barbara S.
Thank you so much to all who helped me during my husband’s illness. Our social worker and nurse were so kind and loving and caring for my husband. I am grateful for you and your kind hearts.
Ramirez Family
Our family cannot adequately express our gratitude to all of you. Every single person we came in contact with was supportive, caring and kind. Edgar, J.R. and all of the people that came treated our father with dignity and respect.
Kahlanbeck Family