How We Can Help | Our Bereavement & Grief Support Team

Each week we offer grief support groups, free of charge, throughout our community. Our experienced and trained support group facilitators lead groups to offer support, education and a chance to connect with others who have recently lost a loved one. See the grief support group monthly calendar on this page.

Our support groups exist to provide hope in the grief journey. We offer the experience of a supportive community who help process feelings of loss and bring healing to hearts. Our experienced support team provides support to you via follow-up phone calls throughout the first year. You can also schedule an in person or telephone grief support visit from our Bereavement Coordinator. We are here to support you! Reach out today and let us help you find the resources you need.

Contact the VNAcare Bereavement Coordinator in your area:

Ontario and Nearby Areas

Murrieta/Riverside Area

Victor Valley and Nearby Areas

Grief Support Group Schedule

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Support groups are open to the general public and free of charge with both day and evening sessions. Each group is led by experienced staff members or facilitators who have extensive training as well as personal experience with the grief process. Call (909) 447–7241 for additional information about group locations and times.

Note to Students:

Visitors disrupt our groups. We appreciate that you are asked to visit for your schooling, but due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our groups, we have strict policies about visitors. 1) If you want to observe a group for a class, you MUST call and speak with our bereavement coordinator at least two weeks before the group you want to visit. We need that much lead time for group members to be given time to consent to your visit and to choose not to attend if they wish. 2) No more than one visitor per group will be allowed. 3) No exceptions will be made to this policy, unscheduled (non-bereaved) visitors will not be allowed to attend groups and will be turned away at the door, as our bereaved group member’s well-being always comes first.