Hospices Around the Country Need Your Help

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In the following excerpt from a poignant article on HospiceNews.com we see just how dire the need for personal protective equipment has become:

Hospice supply lines have been strained to the limit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as has the U.S. health care system at large. Providers of all types are reporting serious shortages of necessary materials, including essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent infections, such as masks, face shields and sterile gloves.

“This is really unprecedented in the past century. There’s shortages of virtually everything that’s needed. There’s shortages of what I would call low-tech equipment, such as PPE — things like the masks, gowns, the face mask to protect the eyes, because the coronavirus can also get into the mucous membrane of your eyes — and even things like swabs for doing the testing,” Thomas Cornwell, M.D., told Hospice News “And then there’s the high-tech shortages, things like ventilators. I’ve not heard of there being significant shortages of ventilators or hospital beds yet. The concern is that we’re not at the peak [of the pandemic] yet.”

VNA SoCal Needs Supplies:

Are you able to donate masks, gloves, faceshields, or provide any assistance?

We urge you to get in contact with us by emailing development@vnasocal.org or calling us at (800) 969-4862

You can always donate online by visiting our webpage