Over the years, VNA SoCal has helped countless patients and their loved ones find peace in difficult times by providing assistance that goes above and beyond.

Occasionally, the loved ones of our patients will write to us in appreciation. Linny Meyer is one such person whose father was on our service. We would like to share her appreciation of one of our hospice caregivers, Veronica.

Mrs. Meyer wrote in to thank Veronica and penned the letter to VNA below:

“Watching your parents decline and pass is never easy, but I had to do it twice in less than 3 years. After mom passed Dad was devastated, they had been married 60 years. My husband and I moved in with him until we could no longer take care of him and had to make the very difficult decision to move him into assisted living by our home. We would bring him to our home 2 times a week and traveled every time he asked to.

When I thought I was at the end of my rope Veronica was assigned as my dad’s nurse. She immediately figured out I was majorly involved in my father’s care, and from that moment on made sure I was always informed about his care. When we took him on trips she made sure we had everything I needed to care for him and was a text away if I had any questions. As his condition worsened, she always made sure I knew what to expect. When I was at the end of my rope she gave me the confidence to keep going.

My dad adored Veronica. For a brief time he was given a different nurse and dad asked me to get Veronica back, he needed her. He said she made him feel at peace and he’d know with her with us we’d get through this.

At the end her soft comforting way and constant updates and communication got me through the tough part. When I had to start giving him his pain meds and stay with him 24/7 she gave me the confidence to know what to do and how to do it.

You may say she was “just doing her job,” but you’d be wrong. other nurses we had did their job and were nice, but Veronica was so much more than just nice. For about 18 months she became a part of our family. She would see dad at my house because she knew how much he loved being there. She arranged all the medication so I could give it to him so he could go. She treated all of us with love and respect. At the end she was there and cried with me.

Veronica was the angel that got me through the most difficult time in my life. She will always be in my heart, I miss her tremendously.

There are just not any words to describe how thankful I am to have had her as my dad’s nurse. How much I appreciate all she did for dad and I, and how grateful I will always be for all she did and just for being her.

You are blessed to have such an angel on your team. It certainly takes a very special person to do this job and veronica is that person and much much more!


Linny Meyer”