Baby Nathalia (December 3, 2015 – February 18, 2016)

“My daughter was on hospice since birth. She had a chromosomal disorder that affected her heart and doctors had given her few hours to live after birth. We were sent home with Hospice and I am at peace that it was VNA who came with us.


VNA Hospice Nurse Edgar Aguilar

Edgar, her nurse, was not only caring for my daughter, he became part of our family in just a few weeks after starting her care. Jessica was more than a social worker; she was an advocate for my daughter’s life. Nina, Ofelia, Danielle, Lisa, Olga, Rita and a lot more nurses and caring people that I wish to mention but my mind cannot recall their names will be in my heart forever.

Every time I called VNA, they would treat me with care and dignity. They would come to our home at any time during day or night. I cannot count the many times we called; they would come and check on my daughter, treated her with love and compassion and they would call doctors to consult whenever necessary. My daughter improved so much while in their care.

VNA_social worker

Social Worker Jessica Dunbar

Hospice Social Worker & Skilled Care Team

Our love and the advice of the VNA doctors, nurses, social workers and all people who work there helped to give my family the opportunity to enjoy few months with our precious daughter. The day God called upon my baby, she was in my arms and the social worker, Jessica, was here. I think God is Good because he sent her to be with us and help us deal with all what was happening at that specific time.

Even days after her departure, VNA continued calling and checking on us to make sure we were fine and had gotten the help we needed. I am not sure if you are looking for a hospice agency for your loved one, or you are just browsing to see reviews. What I can tell you, as a mother, is that VNA did more than I was expecting from a hospice agency.”